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Contact the National Diet Library about on reusing any item or any portion of any image, document, article, data, or other content from the website of the National Diet Library ( or by publication either in printed or in electronic form (e-books, etc.) or by reproduction for broadcasting, exhibiting, or posting on other websites or in any other medium under the Terms of Use of the National Diet Library’s website, please fill out and send an online Reproduction Request Form. Please be aware that some content is available for reuse without contacting the NDL. Be sure to verify the status of copyright protection and other rights and if necessary obtain permission from the copyright holders before reproducing the content at your own risk. 
  • Receipt of requests will be confirmed by e-mail (an attached PDF file) as long as you provide an e-mail address.
  • Please note that some requests may be refused or may not be approved without conditions.


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The kind of medium in which the item(s) will appear [Required]Please check in the box.
If you have selected "Publications (including e-books, etc.)", please enter the following.
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Example: The National Diet Library Times Magazine. Volume 33 Issue 8, August 20XX
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Example: August 8, 20XX
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Example: Gift-wrapping paper at the museum
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Treatment of personal information
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  • For information on policies related to the protection of personal information, please refer to "Protection of Personal Information."


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